Nokia 6212 NFC SDK Issue – This SDK has been tested with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 only...

by adrian vintu 9/28/2009 2:29:00 PM

While playing around with the Nokia 6212 NFC I found a very annoying issue.
A dialog appears every time I start the emulator telling me “This SDK has been tested with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 only, and may or may not function properly on this computer.”

The problem is, checking the “Do not show me this warning again.” does not work.

I assumed there would be some entry in the registry or some ini file that sets this flag. Unfortunately, I could not find it easily.

I looked into the S40_Nokia_6212_NFC_SDK_em.exe to find some “Microsoft” text but it looks like it’s compressed somehow.

I was quite disappointed that I could not find the source of this annoyance, but I did not give up.

I had one more ace up my sleeve: the ProcDump from SysInternals – now Microsoft.

It then took me less than 1 minute to fix the issue.

I executed

C:\KITS\kits system\SysinternalsSuite>procdump.exe S40_Nokia_6212_NFC_SDK_em.exe ProcDump v1.5 - Writes process dump files Copyright (C) 2009 Mark Russinovich Sysinternals - www .sysinternals .com
Writing dump file C:\KITS\kits system\SysinternalsSuite\S40_Nokia_6212_NFC_SDK_em.dmp...
Dump written.

I got a 100 Megs file. I did a quick search for Microsoft and got this:
os_version_warning_suppressed   Service Pack 2  jvm_version_warning_suppressed  Nokia SDK Launcher  This SDK has been tested with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 only,
and may or may not function properly on this computer. jvm_version_warning_suppressed  The SDK located Java Runtime Environment (JRE)  
   Unless you install JRE 6, the SDK might not operate properly.

Tada... my annoying text. Finally.
The text looked like registry entries, so I opened HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nokia\Series_40_Nokia_6212_NFC_SDK and saw a string key named jvm_version_warning_suppressed.
I then created a string key called os_version_warning_suppressed and set its value to true. Tada… No more annoying message.

In conclusion, it seems the developers for the emulator forgot to write the os_version_warning_suppressed to the registry.
But with a little bit of patience and the right tools, I was able to overcome this annoying inconvenience.

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